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I am a husband and a dad and a singer/songwriter and a shadetree mechanic and an abolitionist and an activist.  Ugh, the list gets long - the problem is I have been wearing too many hats trying to free myself from what that which I insignificant life.  Maybe you are the same.  Maybe all the little parts of our brain have been tarried and strapped down with too many ideas about freedom and little actual, FREEDOM. 

I carry a worldview that God made us and He made us to be free.  My hope is that in these blogs you will find something that can add value to your life - to free you from debt, persecution, loneliness, hardship (financial and otherwise) depression...   all the things I have been fighting the past few decades. 

My greater agenda is that if you are freed from something, you will use your newfound margin, energy and finances to free someone else.  After all, a rising tide floats all boats. 


all the best and Godspeed, 

PW Gopal

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